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Building Strong Relationships & Marriages

Do you work with couples who are dating seriously, engaged, or married? Looking for a reliable, comprehensive, and effective couples assessment tool to add to your toolbox? Prepare/Enrich checks all the boxes. Attend my upcoming workshop to get certified! Register here

Prepare/Enrich is the most trusted comprehensive, relationship assessment for couples at any stage of their relationship.

PREPARE/ ENRICH is a preventative by helping couples identify strong traits and potential growth areas of their relationship. Couples work through any potential growth areas they need to discuss that they may not have identified, or that they have simply avoided discussing.

There's a wide range of people who work with couples that can benefit from becoming a Facilitator.

Who can benefit from becoming a Prepare/Enrich Facilitator?

Case Workers
Clergy Counselors
Family Life Educators
Life Coaches
Marriage & Family Therapists
Marriage Educators
Marriage Mentors

Marriage Ministry Coordinators Mental Health Professionals
Military Chaplains
Pastoral Counselors
Relationship Coaches
Social Workers

How can I benefit from becoming a Prepare/Enrich Facilitator?

  • Begin working with couples feeling confident by having the Prepare/Enrich program to use as a guide

  • Prepare/Enrich can help you get an immediate, comprehensive picture of a couple’s relationship.

  • Prepare/Enrich allows you to get to know couples on a deeper level, faster. 

  • Gain LIFETIME access to this program with no monthly or annual renewals! 



Explore and understand the difference between Positive Couple Agreement and Individual Scores


Learn how to read and interpret the Facilitator's Report and the Couple and Family Maps used to assess couples


Become familiar with the Workbook for Couples as a resource in providing feedback and teaching relationship skills

DETAILS Date October 8, 2021 Time 900 am - 400 pm UTC+0 Cost $199.99 Website httpswww.even

Facilitator Training



"I've been using Prepare/ Enrich as a  mental health therapist. I’ve found it helps me feel confident in guiding couples who can improve communication, conflict resolution, financial management, and other skills."

"In my work as a pastor, I was struggling with staying on task when meeting with new couples. Prepare/Enrich helped solve that problem by having a curriculum to follow with couples."

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