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The Prepare-Enrich Couples Assessment covers various areas within the relationship including communication, conflict resolution, finances, and spiritual beliefs. The results of an assessment provide insights into your relationship. The workbook exercises and questions will provide you with feedback and help to facilitate discussion with your partner.

Prepare-Enrich Couples Assessment & Workbook for Couples-No Assessment Analysis

  • NOTICE: This purchase is for couples who would only like to purchase the assessment with NO therapy session(s) or explanation of assessment results from a therapist. If you would like a therapist to interpret the results of your assessment, please do not use this option. Book a couples session with a therapist and further instructions will be given during the initial session.

    The Prepare-Enrich Assessment is an online assessment tool. Once purchased, you and your partner will be emailed a link to your individual email addresses to complete the assessment.

    This purchase includes 1 (one) Couples Workbook which will be mailed to the address you specify. If you'd like your partner to have their own workbook (recommended), please purchase from the Prepare-Enrich store by visiting and clicking on "Store".

  • Standard shipping for Prepare-Enrich Workbooks is 6-10 days. Prepare-Enrich Workbooks are shipped directly from Prepare-Enrich. *Vibrant Minds Therapy & Consulting has no control over shipping times or delays* 

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